Image Submission For Samples

We Are Always Looking For Images!

When it comes to designing great templates for you we always like to show them with images of real players and subjects. Unfortunately those images can sometimes be hard to come by. So we have created a new program where you can submit images to Photo Solutions and get $100 worth of credits at if we select your images for use as samples for new designs at PSMGraphix and Photo Solutions. We do not share, sell or give your images to anyone. We only use them for our own samples to show the templates.

Here are the requirements:
1. Images must be already extracted
2. We need 1 Posed Player and then 8-12 Players (from the same team) to create the group photo with.
3. The image must be your image. It can’t be taken from another photographer or stock photo online.
4. Images need to be full resolution (“From the camera” size)

File Requirements!